Scaling your e-commerce business with cloud-based solutions​

Growing an e-commerce business takes a lot of guts, effort, and capital. However, implementing technological solutions is imperative for growth in a dynamic world of disruptions. 

From order fulfillment and returns to customer service and logistics integration, Aratum has helped e-commerce businesses streamline their operations. With our cloud-based solutions, make your customers happy and drive company expansion while reducing operating expenses and improving profits.

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Cloud-based solutions to optimize your courier services

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Customer Relationship Management

Analytics and Business Intelligence

API and ERP Integration

To address the demands of e-commerce and fulfillment, it is crucial for managers to implement technologies that will further the growth of their business.

Aratum’s cloud solutions integrate seamlessly with all the steps in the ordering and fulfillment process. Optimize your operations to enhance employee and customer satisfaction, minimize expenses, and maximize profits.


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Rise in customer base and repeated transactions

Despite having a large customer base, a San Francisco-based fashion e-commerce store focusing on premium second-hand clothing struggled to fit in and compete with the rise of wholesale fast fashion goods from China.

The nature of their products (only one available for every design) made it challenging to enter major e-commerce marketplaces like TikTok Shop and Etsy. Consequently, they opted to operate their own online store. They relied on local couriers for shipping but could not access personalized services, timely deliveries, return management, and discounted or low shipping rates.

With these challenges, they sought our solutions to scale their business:

After implementing Aratum Horizons, the company:​



Enhanced fulfillment and timely deliveries



Reduced expenses on return-related issues



Saved up on shipping costs 

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