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Solusi Manajemen Supply Chain Serba Ada untuk Anda

Are you ready to take your supply chain to the next level? Aratum empowers your business with cutting-edge technologies, offering automated, data-driven decision-making and real-time analytics to enhance its performance.​

Software kami mencakup manajemen pesanan, gudang, inventaris, transportasi, dan keuangan.


Tantangan Saat Ini

faced by businesses

Kurangnya Visibilitas

Complex supply chain processes require a user-friendly, no-code interface for non-technical executives.

Kurangnya kecerdasan

Inaccurate and inaccessible data due to expensive and inflexible solutions available in the market.

Kurangnya ketangkasan

Difficulty integrating and syncing data across the supply chain hinders the ability to make informed and prompt decisions.


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Key features:


Mengapa Lebih Dari 6000 Bisnis

use Aratum Horizons every day


We are certified with ISO27001. Following robust and secure best practices such as 2FA, we treat your data with utmost care and protection.


Our system is designed to grow with your company. Avoid overspending by buying per module and build up your own toolbox as your business evolves.


Aratum Horizons is a complete ecosystem with out-of-the-box functionalities that work quickly and efficiently.


Aratum works closely with your team to craft tailored solutions that meet your unique requirements.


We integrate with your existing in-house systems and several e-commerce marketplaces using API.


Our dedicated team is on standby to offer support and find solutions for you. You can reach us conveniently through our website, mobile app, or by phone.


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Sistem Manajemen Gudang

  1. Otomatisasi dengan aturan pengiriman
  2. Pemberitahuan pengiriman canggih
  3. Visibilitas rak dan penyimpanan real-time
  4. Pembuatan daftar pick-and-pack dengan satu klik
  5. Penyesuaian label

Sistem Manajemen Pesanan

  • Dasbor dengan Business Intelligence (BI) sekilas
  • One-click API integration with online marketplaces 
  • Physical storefront and POS order collection
  • Customization for lot and expiry
  • Customized handling of FIFO, FEFO, and back orders

Log lengkap dan pelacakan

Sistem Manajemen Keuangan

  • Integrasi dengan Sistem Manajemen Gudang (Silo)
  • Integrasi API dengan Xero
  • Short-term cash flow and business snapshots
  • Menyediakan berbagai mata uang
  • Aged payable and receivable scheduling
  • Pembuatan faktur dan tagihan siap pakai

Sistem Manajemen Inventaris

  • Fulfillment automation
  • Pemberitahuan inventaris saat tinggal sedikit
  • Nilai dan label deklarasi bea cukai yang disesuaikan
  • Real-time shelf and storage visibility
  • Pembuatan daftar pick-and-pack dengan satu klik

Sistem Manajemen Transportasi

  • Multimodal shipping types management
  • Route selection automation with GPS
  • Perencanaan, optimisasi, dan pemuatan barang
  • Evaluation of carriers, costs, and performance
  • Real-time monitoring and tracking of shipping status and deliveries


Bagaimana Aratum Horizons Mengubah

the lives of different stakeholders?​

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Arsitektur Software

Aratum uses the latest and best practices in software architecture design, such as micro-services, to deliver a stable, cost-efficient, scalable, and robust system.

Terintegrasi dengan sistem Anda

Connect with the API of popular marketplaces or even your self-built system to facilitate data import. Reducing labor costs and increasing data accuracy have never been more intuitive.

Next Steps

Fase 1: Validasi

Aratum will give complimentary consultancy sessions to discuss and understand your pain points and objectives.

Fase 2: Optimisasi 

We will propose tailored solutions for your company, helping you visualize possible transformations for your supply chain.

Fase 3: Implementasi 

We will provide Proof-of-Concept (POC) for your feasibility evaluation and training. We will also help you construct a project plan.

Fase 4: Produksi 

We will develop your system and execute UAT, tuning, and post-sales support.

Dipercaya oleh bisnis dari berbagai perusahaan

Hanya membutuhkan kurang dari 5 menit untuk memulai transformasi supply chain Anda. Mulailah hari ini juga.

Hanya membutuhkan kurang dari 5 menit untuk memulai transformasi supply chain Anda. Mulailah hari ini juga.

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