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Aratum United States Office Opening

Aratum United States Office Opening

Making Governments Smarter through Cloud Solutions 

Streamline operations, improve citizen engagement, and drive innovation in your government. Make it fully equipped and resilient to meet the needs of your citizens in today’s highly dynamic world.

Revolutionize your government public services through Aratum’s cloud-based solutions. 

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Streamlining Your Water and Energy Services through Data-Driven Solutions

Data Security

Data Security

IoT Eco-system


Disaster Response Planning

Disaster Response Planning

Compliance Management

Compliance Management

Today’s uncertain times call for governments to embrace cloud digital transformation to combat crises fast and maintain resilience. 

To ensure the trust of its citizens, governments must also comprehensively understand the solutions available for streamlining their crisis, traffic, data, cost, compliance, and document management.

AI and cloud adoption save billions for governments and future-proofs public services, enabling efficient resource allocation and rapid adaptation to dynamic challenges. 


government public services through cloud-based solutions
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A prominent FMCG company in the Philippines encountered challenges with overstocking and the impending expiration of certain products due to issues with their inventory and warehouse management processes. Additionally, they faced a significant budget strain due to lost and displaced pallets. 


In response to these difficulties, they sought our solutions to optimize their operations.

the company:

After implementing

Aratum Horizons,



Error Reduction



Improvement in stockout and overstock Management



Reduction in displacement and loss of pallet

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Making your region a

better place with the cloud

AI and cloud solutions

Aratum provides comprehensive solutions to make your government smarter and more resilient. With advanced and robust AI and cloud solutions, we empower you to make informed decisions, keep documents and data secure, ensure the safety of your citizens, and respond promptly to disasters or crises while maintaining a sustainable environment.

Solutions tailored for you

Aratum works closely with your team to tailor precise solutions that fit your unique needs, ensuring 100% satisfaction.   

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Trusted by businesses of all sizes​


Last mile carrier in Hong Kong - Morning Express

Last mile carrier in Hong Kong - Morning Express

We’ve taken the first step in our digital transformation journey and Aratum Horizons has been critical to this successful beginning. We are already reaping the benefits of automating processes and scaling our operations efficiently and we have only touched the surface. Aratum Silo has brought us quick wins but also caters to our scalability and future rollout.

Leading scrap metal processing plant - The Philippines

Leading scrap metal processing plant - The Philippines

We are excited to go online with Aratum. From our initial requirements, the specialists of Aratum had helped us tailored a system that meets exactly our needs. We are very happy to have this technology as our business edge, our weapon.

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AI’s Transformative Impact on Supply Chain Operations