Leading scrap metal processing plant

The specialists at Aratum understood our requirements and helped us design a customized solution that met our exact needs. We are happy to have this technology as our business edge and competitive weapon.


As consensus builds around the need of Environment, Sustainability and Governance (ESG), our client is thriving as one of the largest metal recycling companies in the Philippines. Established with warehouses all over the region, the collection of scrap metals has been a complex process. The increasing volume of inflow and outflow of materials involve tedious records and has made manual tracking more and more difficult.

To scale up their operations, this client has searched for tailored technological solution to streamline their business processes.

Business challenges & opportunities

While the headquarter of our client is in Manila, its warehouses are scattered far from the city, taking up to 2 hours of travel. With the geographical distance and disconnected hardware, it was a challenge for the senior managers to oversee multiple sites.

At the collection stage of scrap metals, there was also insufficient visual and digital proof to record a transaction, resulting in limited visibility of operations. Staff members were using basic programs such as Microsoft Excel to manually track operations, which was prone to mistakes and was time-consuming. 

Why Aratum Horizons?

  • Tailored capability with IoT

Aratum allows transmission of data from weighing scales and CCTV camera through Internet. With such Internet of Things (IoT) integrations ready, our client can capture real-time data from the incoming metal-loaded trucks and streamline their operations with automation.

  • Accurate data available anytime anywhere

As Aratum is a cloud-based SaaS, managers can easily make operation decisions based on the real-time insights obtained from optimized and standardized dashboard.​​


  • Before and after: Handling time of scrap metals shortened 53%
  • Automatic integration with weighing scale and CCTV helps saves labor costs for tracking
  • Visualized and digital record for every link of the metal recycling process
  • Illuminate business insights as management team can see the real-time updates of the transactions on our cloud software

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