Enhancing Efficiency and Safety in Cold Chain Storage and Processes

Managing cold chains is challenging and complex, but Aratum helps you handle your business according to its unique requirements.

With our cold chain storage and operation software solutions, you can ensure that your temperature-sensitive products will be in their optimal state, from manufacturing and storage to distribution and delivery.

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Overcoming Problems through Data-Driven Solutions

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Temperature Control

Temperature Control

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To address the complexity of cold chain processes, managers should have complete visibility in every operation in the cold chain warehouse and beyond. Aratum’s advanced and expansive solutions will enhance your warehouse’s monitoring capabilities, ensuring top product quality and controlled quantity.

Effectively manage your cold chain warehouse and cold storage management while protecting your employees’ safety and complying with governmental regulations.


Case Study

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Compliance and Regulation Cleared

In Hong Kong, a mid-scale cold chain manufacturing company faced equipment failure issues, damaging hundreds of their goods. Despite some functioning freezers, the imminent bacterial growth jeopardized the quality of their goods, which prompted scrutiny from government authorities.

In light of these challenges, they turned to our solutions to streamline their operations.

After implementing Aratum Horizons, the company:



Product Damage Reduction



Reduction in
Equipment Failure



Increase in Employee Productivity

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Aratum offers holistic solutions to optimize your cold chain operations, ensuring consistent product quality and quantity control across the supply chain. Through advanced cold chain visibility, analytics, and meticulous equipment maintenance, we empower your business to deliver top-tier products to your end consumers confidently.

Solutions tailored for you

Aratum works closely with your team to tailor precise solutions that fit your unique needs, ensuring 100% satisfaction.   

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Last mile carrier in Hong Kong - Morning Express

Last mile carrier in Hong Kong - Morning Express

We’ve taken the first step in our digital transformation journey and Aratum Horizons has been critical to this successful beginning. We are already reaping the benefits of automating processes and scaling our operations efficiently and we have only touched the surface. Aratum Silo has brought us quick wins but also caters to our scalability and future rollout.

Leading scrap metal processing plant - The Philippines

Leading scrap metal processing plant - The Philippines

We are excited to go online with Aratum. From our initial requirements, the specialists of Aratum had helped us tailored a system that meets exactly our needs. We are very happy to have this technology as our business edge, our weapon.

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