Aratum Silo

Warehouse Management System

A warehouse manager’s life is challenging: competing with time when your volume of goods and orders have outgrown current capabilities, while keeping cost efficient is always a major concern. It is time to consider a technological upgrade for your warehouse operations.

Transform the life of your stakeholders

Deliver products faster
(Supply Chain manager)

Accelerate your delivery process and time to market to meet business objectives more quickly

Improve operational efficiency

Enhance observability and control into cloud utilization and right-size your supply with demand

Reduce unplanned work
(Warehouse manager)

Proactively improve receival planning, inbound and outbound shipping with your resources allocation

Seamless integration with API

Aratum Silo is the only one seamless workflow that can streamline your whole life cycle of warehouse issues from prevention, discovery to resolution

Traceability of data from the start of collection (CEO, Warehouse manager)

Investigate and explore issues without learning a line of code

Save unnecessary steps
(Warehouse operators)

Simplified work flow to save labor and digitize steps to prevent manual errors from happening

Aratum Silo: Warehouse Management System

Always in-the-know to plan your resources

Receive status updates on inbound and outbound shipment. Ensure that warehouse spaces and workers are with sufficient capacities to take in orders, transfers, and do pick-and-packs.

Always in-the-know to plan your resources
Manage employee's productivity effiiciently

Manage employee’s productivity efficiently

Increasing warehouse visibility makes the overall organization much more easier to track. Set up work flow that utilizes first-in-first-out (FIFO) method in Silo – especially useful if you are selling perishable products.

Manage employee’s productivity efficiently

An efficient warehouse environment ensures that workers are thriving in a range of clarified activities. Schedule processes with feasible task allocation to control quality of distribution. Silo’s user-friendly interface means your staff can be trained to use this without a frustrating learning curve.

Manage employee's productivity efficiently

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It takes less than 5 minutes to kickstart your supply chain transformation. Get started today.​

It takes less than 5 minutes to kickstart your supply chain transformation. Get started today.​