Supply chains are complex.
Your management software shouldn’t be.

Aratum syncs all your supply chain data in one console. No nonsense, complex implementations, or costly ERP is required. Plus, it’s ISO-certified, ensuring top-tier security.


The world is transitioning to cloud systems​

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Supply chain professionals have abandoned Excel spreadsheets and changed to more agile systems as their primary operational tool. ​

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Companies that embrace aggressive supply chain digitization can anticipate a 3.2% increase in annual earnings.


Build resilience in your


Imagine a world where every business enjoys efficient and flexible movement of their goods, empowered by technology. The global expansion of supply chain management software is posed for exponential growth and is projected to double within the next decade.
Supply Chain Management Software Market

Ref: Market Research

The World is Investing in Supply Chain Management​


Aratum Horizons leverages the latest technologies like AI and Machine Learning to provide a scalable experience for your processes.


Secure your organization with a system incorporating the latest technology like facial recognition, RFID, and biometric scanning.

It’s time to review your supply chain strategy.



Gain insights from both a broad perspective and detailed analysis. Capture real-time data to monitor your operations. Visibility enables transparency.


Analyze data and evaluate performance trends over time. Identify patterns and pinpoint bottlenecks for further analysis.


Act in compliance with standards. Mitigate risks and make proactive decisions. Streamline your workflows without manual effort.​

Last mile carrier in Hong Kong - Morning Express

“We’ve taken the first step in our digital transformation journey, and Aratum Horizons has been critical to its successful beginning. We are already reaping the benefits of automating our processes and efficiently scaling our operations. Aratum Silo has brought us quick wins and is sure to help us with our future rollouts.”




Helping your business is our business.

Supply chains are the lifeblood of communities. At Aratum, we believe that with technology, we can solve problems that were once deemed impossible on a global scale. ​

If you share our vision, we look forward to hearing from you–whether you’re a partner, end customer, or government body.

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Leading scrap metal processing plant

“The specialists at Aratum understood our initial requirements and helped us design a customized solution that met our exact needs. We are happy to have this technology as our business edge and competitive weapon.”

Trusted by businesses of all sizes​

It takes less than 5 minutes to kickstart your supply chain transformation. Get started today.​

It takes less than 5 minutes to kickstart your supply chain transformation.

Get started today.

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