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    Automate your supply chain operations

    Finding it difficult to make the smallest changes in your supply chain? With Aratum Horizons, our system is designed to help you immediate streamline your operations resulting in instant impact on your business.

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    We specialize in consolidating your software ecosystem

    We recognize for enterprises all their data from their supply chain operations is disparate and fragmented. That's why Aratum Horizons have specialized in this area, in help enterprises consolidate their operational data across their organization and turning it into actionable information.

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    Grow your business with a smarter supply chain

    Leave behind the struggle of juggling various point solutions, or being stuck with tools that are powerful yet impossible to use. Start using a complete software ecosystem: Aratum Horizons.

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Seamless Integrations

Connect your disparate operational systems under a single portal. Enable seamless data flow across your supply chain departments from warehousing to transportation and finance.

End to End Visibility

Have full visibility of your operations from manufacturing until the end consumer. With this insight, you will be able to quickly make well informed business decisions and adapt to changes in the market at a much quicker pace.

Flexible & Modular

Implementing a modular approach allows businesses to realize ROI much quicker. Added flexibility enables the system to scale with the business rather than the business fitting a static system.

  • Automation
  • Micro-Customizations
  • Integrated
  • Sustainability
  • Drive operational efficiency across your organization

    • Transition from periodic consultant led workflow to real time organization led workflow

    • Empower your organization to adapt to changes in the macro-economic environment with workflow automations

  • Introduce flexibility in your organization to keep up with the pace of competition

    • Work smarter by enabling your team to enhance existing business processes

    • Enable your teams to scale flexibly and work efficiently within the organizational frameworks

  • Ensure your systems, platforms and IoT devices are speaking with each other

    • Reduce your teams’ workload by automating real world data collection and consolidate the fragmented systems running within your organization

    • Respond and adjust dynamically to real-time usage and customer experience data-driven insights

  • Embed sustainability directly into your organization

    • Track and adapt operations to consistently reduce emissions, waste, and overall environmental footprint

    • Proactively oversee regulatory requirements through comprehensive company-wide controls and thorough reporting


Build in resilience into your supply chain

In order to mitigate risks amidst increasing uncertainties, it is crucial to establish a resilient supply chain that can withstand challenges. This is why leading companies globally are constructing sustainable and risk-resilient supply chains with Aratum Horizons.

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Simple yet effective

Visually appealing and despite the complex features available, the system just makes sense. Aratum Horizons leverages the latest technologies like AI and ML to provide a scalable personalized experience.

Secure and scalable

Ensure your organization is secured with a system that incorporates the latest technology like facial recognition and biometric scanning. Be at ease in scaling your business whilst Aratum Horizons takes care of security and scalability.

Explore some of our Supply Chain Solutions

Multi-Warehouse Management

Bring your global inhouse and outsourced warehouse operations under a single roof for the first time with Aratum Silo.

Transportation Planning

Work with a smarter system that looks beyond fleet management or planning. Ensure your transportation module – Aratum Swift speak with finance, procurement, warehousing and customer.

Artificial Intelligence

Establish a connected supply chain with integrated AI capabilities across your organization. Benefit from a responsible AI built on leading ethics and data privacy standards.

IoT Integrations

Increase speed and accuracy of operation by automating data collection processes with IoT devices across your business. Keep it quick and simple realizing immediate benefits to the business.

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Additional Supply Chain Solutions

Warehouse Management and Transportation Management

Manage your entire inventory, warehouse and delivery network with a single solution. Whether your operations is outsourced or insourced, you will be able to have full visibility of your supply chain operations.

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Success Story

Last mile carrier in Hong Kong - Morning Express

We’ve taken the first step in our digital transformation journey and Aratum Horizons has been critical to this successful beginning. We are already reaping the benefits of automating processes and scaling our operations efficiently and we have only touched the surface. Aratum Silo has brought us quick wins but also caters to our scalability and future rollout.

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Success Story

Leading scrap metal processing plant - The Philippines

We are excited to go online with Aratum. From our initial requirements, the specialists of Aratum had helped us tailored a system that meets exactly our needs. We are very happy to have this technology as our business edge, our weapon.

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