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Education and school management go beyond learning. They involve other crucial processes like asset management inventory to utilize and allocate budgets properly. Additionally, student resources and data need robust security.

Education management entails advanced software solutions for a seamless learning experience for all students. With Aratum’s AI and cloud-based technological solutions, schools can be efficient, safe, and undistracted by related factors.

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Overcoming challenges through student and education cloud software

Data Management


Asset Tracking and Security

Data Analytics

Production Planning

To address education and schools’ challenges, administrators should know the technologies available to improve their operations and eliminate their problems.

By leveraging AI and cloud-based solutions, you alleviate your operating pains and protect your assets, data, and resources, leading to seamless student learning.


Chicago Public Schools Loss of $23M Worth of Tech Devices 

In 2023, the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) Inspector General revealed that 77,505 tech devices, including laptops, hotspots, and tablets, were reported lost or stolen in the school year 2021-2022. Between 2020 and 2023, CPS spent $308 million on 311,000 laptops, but it was discovered that devices from three dozen schools were entirely unaccounted for. This prompted questions from Chicago City Council members about CPS’ auditing and inventory effectiveness.

The Inspector General’s report recommended changes to the technology tracking system, making principals responsible for inventory audits and holding students and staff accountable for the devices. It was also suggested that CPS should have implemented immediate lockdown mechanisms for lost devices.

Source: Rebik, D. (2024, January 9)
CPS report shows $23M worth of technology unaccounted for

student and education cloud software

What if CPS used Aratum Solutions in their Operations?

The situation described above showed inefficiencies and accountability gaps. Implementing Aratum’s AI and cloud-based technological solutions could have transformed CPS’s auditing, inventory, and asset management.

Improved Asset Management with AI and Cloud-Based Solutions:

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Efficiently manage a school's assets, data, and resources through

student and education cloud software

Aratum offers advanced technologies and data-driven insights to monitor, protect, enhance, maintain, and manage important school and educational assets and resources. With robust and integrative data analytics, asset management, and automated processes, we empower schools to make informed decisions and make it a better place for students. Drive efficiency and security in your education and schools with Aratum Cloud Software Solutions.

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Last mile carrier in Hong Kong - Morning Express

Last mile carrier in Hong Kong - Morning Express

We’ve taken the first step in our digital transformation journey and Aratum Horizons has been critical to this successful beginning. We are already reaping the benefits of automating processes and scaling our operations efficiently and we have only touched the surface. Aratum Silo has brought us quick wins but also caters to our scalability and future rollout.

Leading scrap metal processing plant - The Philippines

Leading scrap metal processing plant - The Philippines

We are excited to go online with Aratum. From our initial requirements, the specialists of Aratum had helped us tailored a system that meets exactly our needs. We are very happy to have this technology as our business edge, our weapon.

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