To keep abreast of the increasing complexity in its logistical operations, Morning Express began their digital transformation journey. The company sought to increase operational efficiency and modernize processes in their warehouse operations.

Business challenges & opportunities

Morning Express is a courier based in Hong Kong for more than 30 years. In order to capture the growth of ecommerce and clients’ rising demand of fulfillment services, they searched for a one-stop technological solution to streamline their operations.

One major challenge Morning Express faced was that for their import of customers’ order, they would have to massage the data format manually so that it fulfills the past system requirements, resulting in extra labor costs and chances of errors.

  • Replace legacy system
  • Efficiently manage and control warehouse
  • Support changing nature of customers’ business to eCommerce
  • Enable rapid rollout

Why Aratum Horizons?

  • Flexible integration layers for upcoming eCommerce platforms

Aratum’s full integration of API turns direct order import from ecommerce marketplaces into a reality.

  • Comprehensive functionality

With Aratum’s end-to-end solution, Morning Express can then print out their shipping labels without adopting to any other systems, through to dispatch smoothly.


  • Digitalize warehouse operations
  • Centralized warehouse management
  • High user acceptance across warehouse employees due to simplified and automated approach to capturing customer data
  • Modernize previously manual processes, which were costly and time-consuming
  • Automate shipping rules to minimize human errors
  • Enable designated user roles so that the right amount of information is visible to the right people e.g. managerial staff can access billing and financials, while operators can see the data essential to their daily execution