Optimizing Courier Services through Cloud-Based Technology​

With the prevalent challenges in courier services, Aratum helps you maximize the efficiency of your delivery and transportation routes and management.

Through Aratum Horizons, you get complete visibility in your operations, save on fuel and operational costs, deliver parcels on time, and improve customer relationships.

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Cloud-based solutions to optimize your courier services


E-Commerce Integration

Delivery Route Planning

Management System

To address the challenges courier services encounter, managers should have a grasp on delivery and transportation management and strategies. 

By leveraging cloud-based solutions, you streamline your courier operations. Enhance track and tracing, ensure the safety and security of packages, and prevent delivery delays.

Optimize your courier services while saving up on operational expenses and making customers happy.


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23 %

of operational costs saved

Due to unforeseeable climate disruptions, a UK-based courier service repeatedly experienced package damages, losses, and delivery delays. Although the company has budgeted for such expenses, they still incurred significant financial strain.

Additionally, escalating fuel prices posed challenges in scaling the business and maintaining a balance between fast services and affordable shipping fees.

Faced with these problems, they turned to our solutions to improve their deliveries.

After implementing Aratum Horizons, the company:​



Reduction in Lost and Damaged Parcels



Rise in Customer Base and Repeat Transactions



Faster Inbound and Outbound Package Processing

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