Order Management System

Order management is the lifeblood of every wholesale, retail, and manufacturing business. Efficiently managing it is key to success in a complex world of supply chains. Streamline your order fulfillment, inventory management, returns, supplier relationships, and customer management through Aratum’s robust order management software.

Key Features of Order Management System

Order Processing

Utilize real-time GPS tracking to monitor vehicle locations and optimize routes for efficiency and timely deliveries.

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Inventory Management

It monitors stock levels in real time, integrating with the order system to help prevent overstocking or stockouts. This ensures optimal inventory levels, reduces carrying costs, and improves cash flow management.

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Customer Relationship Management

Stores and manages customer information and order history, enhancing personalized service and repeat business. It enables targeted marketing efforts and improves customer loyalty through tailored experiences.

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Order Tracking

Provides real-time updates on the status of orders, allowing customers and staff to track progress from placement to delivery. This transparency enhances customer trust and reduces the number of support inquiries related to order status.

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Payment Processing

Facilitates secure and diverse payment options, ensuring smooth financial transactions and integration with accounting systems. It supports multiple payment gateways and currencies, making catering to a global customer base easier.

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Shipping and Fulfillment

Coordinates logistics, shipping methods, and delivery schedules to ensure timely and accurate order fulfillment. This helps in managing shipping costs effectively while meeting customer delivery expectations.

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Returns Management

Manages product returns efficiently, ensuring a smooth customer process and accurately restocking items. This feature helps maintain customer satisfaction and reduce losses by effectively managing returned goods.

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Reporting and Analytics

Offers insights into sales trends, order statuses, and performance metrics, helping businesses make informed decisions. Detailed reports and dashboards enable proactive management and strategic planning.

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Integration with Other Systems

Connects seamlessly with CRM, ERP, and other business systems, ensuring data consistency and operational efficiency. This integration reduces manual data entry and improves cross-departmental collaboration.

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Multi-Channel Support

Provide real-time shipment status updates and communication tools to enhance service quality and facilitate seamless interaction between drivers, dispatchers, and customers.

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Applications of Order Management System Software Across Industries


Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

Streamlines the procurement, distribution, and tracking of medical supplies and medications to ensure timely and accurate delivery, enhancing patient care and regulatory compliance.



Manages inventory, orders, and customer data across multiple sales channels to optimize stock levels, streamline fulfillment processes, and enhance customer satisfaction with accurate and timely order processing.

Wholesale Distribution

Wholesale Distribution

Manages bulk orders, inventory levels, and customer accounts efficiently, facilitating streamlined order processing, accurate invoicing, and timely deliveries to optimize distribution operations and customer service.

E-Commerce and Fulfillment

E-Commerce and Fulfillment

Automates order processing, inventory management, and fulfillment across multiple sales channels, ensuring seamless transactions, accurate tracking, and timely delivery to enhance customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.


Logistics and Transportation

Efficiently manages and tracks orders, optimizing route planning, vehicle utilization, and delivery schedules to ensure timely and cost-effective transportation of goods across supply chains.

Cold Chain

Cold Chain

Coordinates the ordering, tracking, and delivering of temperature-sensitive goods, ensuring precise inventory control, compliance with temperature regulations, and timely fulfillment to maintain product quality and safety throughout cold chain logistics.

Dangerous Goods Warehouse

Dangerous Goods Warehouse

Facilitates safe handling, storage, and tracking of hazardous materials through efficient order processing, inventory management, and regulatory compliance, ensuring safety and operational integrity.

Fast-Moving Consumer Goods

Fast-Moving Consumer Goods

Handles rapid order processing, inventory replenishment, and distribution logistics to ensure efficient supply chain management, minimize stockouts, and meet consumer demand in dynamic retail environments.



Streamlines production scheduling, resource allocation, and inventory management to optimize workflow and meet customer demand efficiently.

Couriers and CFS

Couriers and CFS

Manages parcel tracking, container handling, and delivery logistics efficiently, ensuring seamless order processing, inventory visibility, and timely dispatch to optimize transportation and logistics operations.


Case Study

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Increase in Order Volumes

A New York-based e-commerce dropshipping store specializing in consumer electronics and geeky pop culture toys faced challenges with streamlining fulfillment and returns management. It seemed easy at first, but when orders were coming in, more problems followed. This became more apparent because its orders were fulfilled in China, making returns logistics complex and time-consuming.

The company sought our order management system software to optimize its operations in response to these challenges.

After implementing Aratum Horizons, the company

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 Increase in customer retention

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Decrease in stress among employees, particularly the customer service team

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 Increase in order accuracy

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Decrease in shipping and operational costs

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an order management system (OMS)?

An order management system (OMS) is software that helps businesses manage and track orders from placement to fulfillment.

Key benefits include improved order accuracy, streamlined order processing, better inventory management, enhanced customer satisfaction, and increased operational efficiency.

Essential features include order processing, inventory management, integration capabilities with other business systems, reporting and analytics, and multi-channel support.

An OMS provides real-time visibility into inventory levels, tracks stock movements, manages replenishment processes, and helps prevent overstocking or stockouts.

Yes, most modern OMS platforms offer integration capabilities with ERP systems, CRM software, accounting software, and e-commerce platforms.

An OMS consolidates orders from various sales channels (e.g., online store, brick-and-mortar store, mobile app) into a single platform, ensuring unified order processing and fulfillment.

An OMS improves customer service by providing real-time order status updates, facilitating efficient returns and exchanges, and ensuring accurate order fulfillment.

An OMS automates order entry and processing workflows, minimizing manual errors, improving data accuracy, and ensuring consistency in order handling.

Yes, a scalable OMS can grow with your business, accommodating increasing order volumes, expanding product lines, and supporting operations across multiple locations or channels.

An OMS tracks orders throughout the fulfillment process, from picking and packing to shipping and delivery, providing businesses and customers with visibility into order status and shipment tracking.

Yes, an OMS streamlines the returns process by managing return authorizations, processing refunds or replacements, updating inventory, and maintaining accurate return records.

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To implement an effective order management system in your industry, you can rely on Aratum software solutions tailored to your business requirements to help you get started and gain visibility, efficiency, and resiliency.


Aratum is a globally recognized software provider specializing in developing supply chain management solutions. Our software solutions incorporate advanced algorithms and optimized data structures to facilitate efficient data processing and information dissemination across organizations. 

Leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, the software enables automated decision-making and real-time analytics, enhancing supply chain visibility and improving overall performance. 


With a focus on delivering robust and scalable solutions, Aratum is committed to providing our clients with the tools necessary to optimize their supply chain operations and gain a competitive edge in your respective markets.


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It takes less than 5 minutes to kickstart your supply chain transformation.

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