Cloud Solutions for Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) 

Elevate your FMCG enterprise with our cloud solutions, tailored to boost inventory efficiency, improve product availability, and enhance customer experiences. Discover a suite of tools that empower you to outperform in the fast-paced market and deliver exceptional value to your consumers.


Main challenges that FMCG supply chains are facing


Challenges in FMCG

Overcoming Problems through Data-Driven Solutions

Date Tracking

IoT Eco-system


Temperature Control


Order Processing Automation

Order Processing

To ensure that FMCG products are effectively managed and scaled, managers must comprehensively understand the solutions available to get complete visibility and control over their inventory and customer demand to reduce stockouts and overstock.

Through comprehensive data analytics, you enhance your warehouse, distributor, and consumer management system. 

Effectively manage your FMCG warehousing, distribution processes, and partnership relations while becoming more sustainable and eco-friendly.


Case Study

41 %

of operational costs saved

cheese warehouse

A prominent FMCG company in Sweden encountered challenges with overstocking and the impending expiration of certain products due to issues with their inventory and warehouse management processes. Additionally, they faced a significant budget strain due to lost and displaced pallets. 

In response to these difficulties, they sought our solutions to optimize their operations.

After implementing Aratum Horizons, the company:

33 %

Error Reduction

17 %

Improvement in Stockout and Overstock Management

12 %

Reduction in Displacement and Loss of Pallets

Feature HighlightS

Ability to See



Driving Efficiency and Visibility in every

FMCG operation


Aratum provides comprehensive insights to streamline your FMCG processes and ensure product quality and controlled quantity throughout the supply chain. With advanced inventory and warehouse management analytics and cold chain monitoring, we empower your business to make informed decisions, minimize waste, and maximize efficiency.  

Solutions tailored for you

Aratum works closely with your team to tailor precise solutions that fit your unique needs, ensuring 100% satisfaction.   

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Trusted by businesses of all sizes


“Aratum has truly reformed our FMCG operations. Their solutions have brought exceptional efficiency to our company. Now, we are optimizing our inventory, improving order processing, and easily adjusting to consumer demands. The accuracy brought about by Aratum Horizons has lessened errors and improved the productivity of our employees. Aratum’s innovative technology is a game-changer in the supply chain industry.”

 - Procurement Officer of a large FMCG company in Germany

At first, I was reluctant to implement cloud-based solutions to my operations, but apart from my company that needs to be saved, I saw something special in Aratum after we requested a demo. I followed my intuition, and indeed, I was impressed. They exceeded our expectations and transformed our company from having problematic manual operations to becoming an extensive FMCG company that boasts efficiency and visibility. Aratum Horizons is so valuable because my managers and employees have become more motivated and productive, and that is besides the company saving up to 30% of our operating expenses.”

- CEO of a large FMCG company in the Philippines

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