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Aratum United States Office Opening

Aratum United States Office Opening

A Complete Guide to Consignment Inventory

A Complete Guide to Consignment Inventory The alarming climate change in the past few years paved the way for more people to veer away from fast fashion shops and embrace thrift shopping. For the more affluent consumers, luxury resale has been prevalent, and the consignment market is expected to reach $77 Billion by 2025. Many people have consigned their […]

The Advantage of Demand Forecasting in Inventory Management

Operating a business today is like walking a tightrope. Especially for online merchants, there is no such thing as a “small mistake”, for perfectly balanced steps let you reach that far-off goal of commercial success, while, with one tiny mistake, you could tumble into obsolescence or the pit of financial ruin.    In this case, making […]

Learn from Nike’s Mistake–The Six Must-Haves in an Inventory Tracking Software

Four Challenges of Supply Chain Management in 2024

Every celebrity, influencer, or fashion icon always wears Nike, the biggest shoe brand worldwide. The brand can be found in almost every store or mall in cities around the world. Whether in fashion, sports, or mundane activities, Nike has been a staple since time immemorial. However, little did every Nike fan know that the company […]

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AI’s Transformative Impact on Supply Chain Operations