Supply Chain Technology: A Shield Against Stagflation

A smooth and unforgettable buying experience is what all consumers are looking forward to when purchasing online. Data-driven supply chain management (SCM) acts as a conductor in a symphony to ensure information and services complement each other to their “eventual crescendo”—— a successful delivery. In the interconnected world of intricate supply networks, the continuous heartbeat […]

Keep Growing: Dialogue with UnionBank on SMEs (Part 1 out of 2)

Dialogue with UnionBank on SMEs

SMEs, Uplifting the Backbone of the Economy (1/2) UnionBank’s Business Banking Head, Mr. Jaypee Soliman, guests in ‘Keep Growing, A Supply Chain Dialogue’ Multiple leaders emphasize how crucial it is to support SMEs (Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises) across the world, especially in their digital transformation and supply chain digitalization. Unlike many banking executives who primarily focus on large corporations, UnionBank’s […]

Keep Growing: Dialogue with AWS Experts on Machine Learning

Keep Growing: Dialogue with AWS Experts on Machine Learning

The world has transformed since the release of ChatGPT. AI and machine learning have become such a hot topic. At a recent Amazon Web Services (AWS) summit in Hong Kong, there were full houses of participants on anything relevant to generative AI. In this episode of Keep Growing, we talked to tech industry experts Terence Chow, Senior […]

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AI’s Transformative Impact on Supply Chain Operations