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Aratum United States Office Opening

Aratum United States Office Opening

Why Join Aratum: Wanna Yanwattana



“You find another family in Aratum,” Wanna Yanwattana, Thailand Presales.

Finding a workplace that values your skills and creates a culture of collaboration and growth can be daunting. However, for someone like Wanna, a professional in the field of Sales, Aratum shines as a company of opportunity and innovation.

In a recent interview, Wanna shares why Aratum stands out among other companies and how its unique culture contributes to job satisfaction and personal development.

Aratum is Family

Wanna’s journey with Aratum is rooted in a desire to leverage her expertise and contribute meaningfully to a company that values individual input. Reflecting on her initial attraction to Aratum, Wanna highlights its familial atmosphere.

“Unlike traditional workplaces, in Aratum, we are like a family. We are allowed to share our opinions and insights. After sharing, we brainstorm everything. If there’s a problem, we talk it out, see what fits, and solve it together collectively,” Wanna shares.

Central to Aratum’s success, according to Wanna, is its unwavering commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. “As a pre-sales professional, I rely heavily on the support of a backend team to deliver fast and customized solutions to our clients. And I feel confident whenever I face the customers because I know that all the teams in Aratum got my back,” says Wanna.

Continuous Learning and Collaboration

Wanna also shares her growth opportunities in her present role and how collaboration plays a role in it. Aratum encourages cross-functional collaboration, enabling employees to seamlessly seek assistance and guidance across teams. This spirit of cooperation cultivates a sense of unity and shared purpose, essential for driving innovation and achieving collective goals.

“While I truly embrace my role in pre-sales, it’s amazing that I also get to work with different teams. I can talk and seek advice from the programmers and the Marketing team. We have weekly solution consultant meetings where we come together to exchange ideas,”  Wanna adds.

Attention to Detail

At the core of Aratum’s mission and vision lies a commitment to attention to detail—a value that resonates deeply with Wanna. “Attention to detail and data create good outcomes and bring trust and accountability in the organization. We have a sense of pride and ownership, which often makes for excellent work,” Wanna shares.

Looking ahead, Wanna is excited about the future direction of Aratum’s solutions, particularly in revolutionizing supply chains.

As the corporate landscape continues to evolve, Aratum remains at the forefront, empowering its employees to unlock their full potential and drive meaningful change in the world of technology and beyond.

About Wanna

A dynamic individual in supply chain technology presales, Wanna thrives on building strong relationships and understanding clients’ unique needs. With a passion for problem-solving and a commitment to delivering exceptional service, Wanna excels in guiding businesses through the transformative power of technology. Bringing creativity and strategic thinking to the table, Wanna is dedicated to helping companies in Thailand achieve their supply chain goals with confidence.

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