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“It is inspiring to see how Aratum’s solutions empower businesses and individuals to achieve their goals more effectively,” Ivano Susatio said.

Ivano is a seasoned professional in the tech field, and he highlights Aratum’s customization prowess that adapts to their client’s requirements, as a primal motivation in his pre-sales role.

Innovation and Flexibility

“Aratum is constantly innovating and developing new products and solutions to meet the evolving needs of our clients. The company thrives in product development and drives meaningful impact to our customers, which is incredibly rewarding to me.” 

In terms of career and growth development, Aratum gives importance to employees’ development with valuable tools:

“Aratum provides access to resources, success sales enablement tools, market research reports, and industry insights that help me stay in front of market trends, customer preferences, and the competitive landscape,” Ivano explained.

Technology and new trends in management paved the way to a cross-pollination culture, where teams get to collaborate, and employees like Ivano appreciate that set-up in Aratum.

Being able to reach out to other teams besides the ones in their home countries is advantageous to their productivity and efficiency. More than that, it makes the company stronger.

“The company fosters a culture where new ideas are encouraged and supported. This allows me to explore creative solutions to challenges and contribute to projects. Communication is also transparent and open. Thus encouraging trust and collaboration among team members and the management team. It ensures that everyone is on the same page regarding goals, expectations, and feedback,” highlighted Ivano. 

Impact on Personal Life

Aratum supports the need for its employees to have a healthy work-life balance. A harmonious blend of professional and personal commitments is important for sustained well-being and productivity.

“On a personal level, my work-life balance allows me to pursue interests outside of work, whether it is spending time with my family, pursuing hobbies, or engaging in community activities,” Ivano shared.

Aratum is also committed to creating an impact in communities needing help. The company had a charity walk with a school in Bangkok where it supported its sufficiency-economy initiatives. “Being part of this initiative not only allows me to make a positive impact but also strengthens my connection to the community,” Ivano said.

Opening Doors to Opportunities 

Upon opening its doors to Indonesia in 2023, Aratum created employment opportunities for skilled professionals and stimulated the local economy through procurement of goods and services, supporting businesses and communities in the country.

“I would recommend young talent in Indonesia to join Aratum. It is a good company with very strong products. The company also allows you to explore your skills and potential.”  

About Ivano

With over 25 years of extensive experience in IT consulting, Ivano Susatio is known for his expertise in SAP Enterprise Asset Management. Throughout his career, he has assumed roles such as Functional Consultant, Team Lead, Senior Data Manager, Integration Manager, Project Manager, and Support Manager across different industries and in Big 5 consulting firms. Ivano’s international exposure equipped him with a global perspective and allowed him to deliver tailored solutions to clients worldwide. 

As a trusted consultant in the field of IT, Ivano, together with Aratum, become an agent for digital transformation and efficiency not just in Indonesia, but the whole ASEAN region. More importantly, his work extends beyond the corporate, as he actively engages with communities, making a positive impact on them.

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