Aratum Launches “Aratum Partner Connect” Program


May 13, 2024 — California, USA— AI and cloud-based supply chain solution provider Aratum is excited to announce Aratum Partner Connect, the company’s partner program designed to empower partners and businesses to excel, solve challenges, and drive revenue growth in today’s competitive supply chain market.

As the global supply chain market expands, Aratum stands ready with the advanced resources and tools to address its demanding challenges. By joining Aratum Partner Connect, businesses position themselves at the forefront of the industry, tackling real-world problems while generating profits through our innovative suite of software solutions.

Those who sign up with Aratum’s Partner Connect can gain a legion of benefits, including dedicated partner resources, marketing support, technical support, and quality training and enablement tools. Additionally, partners can offer their customers tailored solutions based on their system requirements, which sets Aratum apart from other software services.

Aratum develops cutting-edge global supply chain solutions integrating AI, IoT, and cloud-based technology for automated decision-making and real-time analytics. These tools give partners and their customers powerful capabilities to overcome challenges in today’s rapidly changing supply chain landscape.

“We empower our partners to be ready with the tools that can make businesses gain a competitive edge in the industry,” says Jack Jackson, Aratum Senior Vice President for Global Sales. “Our goal has always been to deliver robust and scalable solutions to help their clients impact not just supply chain systems, but end consumers as well, all while gaining maximum profitability.”

For businesses seeking to position themselves ahead of the supply chain market, Aratum Partner Connect offers a unique opportunity for growth and success. Sign up now at

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