RFID in Warehouse Management: The Pros and Cons

RFID in Warehouse Management: The Pros and Cons

In 2005, The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC), which operates 30 hospitals, more than 600 doctors’ offices, and outpatient centers, established its own central warehouse to easily store and distribute medicines and medical products and eliminate the middleman. The UPMC Distribution Center employs over 60 people, spans 150,000 square feet, and stocks over 4,000 […]

Revolutionizing Operations: Unleashing Efficiency with Warehouse Automation in Companies

Revolutionizing Operations: Unleashing Efficiency with Warehouse Automation in Companies

As digitalization and automation sweep the supply chain industry, there is growing pressure to upgrade and transform logistics. Retail businesses prioritize scale capability, greater flexibility, reliable automation, increased efficiency, and lower costs. As a result, many are looking for practical ways to use warehouse automation, intelligence, and unmanned systems to achieve sustainable enterprise development in […]

4 Best Practices for a Successful WMS Implementation

4 Steps to a Successful WMS Implementation

The E-commerce and Omnichannel shopping arenas have become more challenging for business owners and managers. The influx of orders and customer demands has caused businesses to adapt to newer forms of technology, apart from considering new staff, especially in the warehouse. Amidst this dynamic environment is Nature’s Best, an American health and natural foods company, […]

Learning from Japan’s Automation Epiphany

Learning from Japan’s Automation Epiphany, an Interview with AIOI Sales Engineer Franco Montes Japan is one of the global leaders when it comes to supply chain technology. Due to the fragility of the global supply chain and Japan’s natural disasters, companies in the country have whipped up strategies to combat uncertainties. However, in recent years, […]

Implementing Multi-Warehouse Management Strategies For Supply Chains

Implementing Multi-Warehouse Management Strategies For Supply Chains Despite the global recession brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic in the last three years, Southeast Asia’s economic growth remains steadfast, especially regarding e-commerce and global trade. In middle-class Philippine society, it’s common to hear from businesspeople that their income was much better during the onset of the pandemic, especially when […]

A Complete Guide to a Successful WMS Implementation

The increased internet usage and online shopping growth worldwide have significantly altered consumers’ purchasing patterns. Customers have increasingly sought offers and guarantees of hassle-free returns, fast delivery, and the ability to shop anywhere. Since more consumers are now buying stuff online, several entrepreneurs are emerging. According to a report by The Financial Times, the Covid-19 pandemic has fueled […]

Everything You Need to Know About Cross-Docking Warehouse Services

Shopee, one of the biggest Asian online marketplaces, expanded to Brazil in 2019. Like in Southeast Asia, the Singaporean company has slowly changed how Brazilians shop and sell online, as they recently opened their seventh and eighth big distribution centers in Salvador and Recife in May of 2023. Shopee Brazil has reached over 3 million local sellers, so […]

Learn from Nike’s Mistake–The Six Must-Haves in an Inventory Tracking Software

Four Challenges of Supply Chain Management in 2024

Every celebrity, influencer, or fashion icon always wears Nike, the biggest shoe brand worldwide. The brand can be found in almost every store or mall in cities around the world. Whether in fashion, sports, or mundane activities, Nike has been a staple since time immemorial. However, little did every Nike fan know that the company […]

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