The Ins and Outs of DDP Shipping (Delivery Duty Paid Shipping)

DDP Shipping

There are billions of consumers worldwide, providing an excellent opportunity to expand your firm. However, in cross-border transactions, the two main concerns for consumers are exorbitant shipping costs (51%) and long delivery times (47%). Interestingly, these issues are among the top three reasons customers abandon their carts. Several factors must be considered to overcome these […]

Harnessing AI Predictive Maintenance in Logistics

AI predictive maintenance in logistics

If the engine doesn’t run, the work’s not done. Manufacturing technologies that go through unexpected failures can cause companies serious problems, and one of the leading causes of lost productivity and money in the supply chain is downtime. Your products must keep moving and are replenished regularly. You don’t want downtime, as these disastrous incidents […]

“Uncut Gems” in Logistics: People, Processes, and Technology

“Uncut Gems” in Logistics: People, Processes, and Technology Customs Brokers Authority Unveils Hidden Treasures, Hon. Samuel Bautista guests in ‘Keep Growing, A Supply Chain Dialogue’  Resilient, reliable, and innovative supply chains are crucial to driving development in economies of all sizes. However, with various persistent challenges present, the logistics industry has yet to transform to its maximum potential. Philippines Professional […]

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