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Discover 2024 Global Supply Chain Trend from C-levels of ASEAN countries.

Aratum Partner Points Dashboard

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Points Report

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Program details

Onboarding Welcome Kit 1,000 - One time
Sales Training 20,000 200 One time
Business Plan 30,000 300 One time
Partner Spotlight 50,000 500 One time
Sales Qualified sales lead 5,000 50 N/A
Hit 50% of quarterly target* 50,000 500 Quarterly
Hit 100% of quarterly target* 100,000 1,000 Quarterly
Participate in Aratum channel satisfaction surveys 100 1 Quarterly
Weekly submission of updated pipeline 500 5 Weekly
Quarterly business reviews and planning 5,000 50 Quarterly
Marketing Attend Aratum events 1,000 10 Quarterly
Like, share, and comment on Aratum Linkedin post 100 1 N/A
Execute a successful lead-generating activity 3,000 30 Quarterly
Most engaged partner for the quarter 10,000 100 Quarterly
Knowledge Attend Aratum trainings 1,000 10 Quarterly
Pass an Aratum quiz 200 2 Bi-weekly

Table of re

Rewards Table
Rewards Points Needed to Claim
MDF 100
SCM Certification 5000
Design Studio Service - Creatives 1000
Design Studio Service - Photoshoot 6000
Notebook 50
Tumblers 50
Golf umbrella 50
Polo Shirt 300
Jacket 500

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Discover 2024 Global Supply Chain Trend From C-levels of ASEAN Countries.

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