Leveraging Container Freight Station and Origin Consolidation

Aratum Supply Chain Use Case Series examines the status quo of current logistics and provides inspiration for best practices.  

Aratum Horizons empowers CFS to perform the following services: 

CFS (Container freight station) creates win-win for the top line and the bottom line of businesses. CFS allows the flexibility for the procurement department to meet customer demands, while reducing transportation costs. With people, process and Aratum technology used in alignment, more than 20% of cost savings can be achieved.

With Aratum technology, CFS has achieved the following results: 

Consolidation is the key to flexibility in


Companies partner with logistics service providers (LSP) to ship less than full container loads. There are two types of consolidation: 

Source: Kuehne+Nagel

“Our CFS needs to quickly combine POs for inbound and outbound. We require seamless integration with global customers’ ERPs. For example, a delay in truck scheduling can mean a cost incurred already. With Aratum technology, we can now plan our load in advance and split a PO by market, achieving unprecedented product-to-market velocity for our customers.”

-CEO, one of the largest CFS in Shanghai, China  

“Improved security, storage and sorting processes at these CFS facilities enable us to deliver high service quality to our customers while ensuring that it complies with EU/US quality standards. By operating from these facilities, we can further strengthen our environmental, social and governance foundation which is an integral part of our corporate sustainability agenda,”

-Cluster Head of a large global forwarder 

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