Nov, 2023

Aratum at LogiSYM Philippines: Transform your supply chain with cloud based intelligence

Join us on August 17-19 in LogiSYM PH conference for a fruitful journey of expertise and insights in supply chain technology.


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Various activities and surprises await you. Talk with our consultant to discuss the challenges of your supply chain.

Strengthening your supply chain with cloud-based technology

Aratum will attend the Supply Chain Management of the Philippines (SCMAP) Conference 2023, from September 21-22, at the Edsa Shangri-la Manila.

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Learning how AI and cloud technology empower your supply chain

Do you need to transition your business processes to new technological advancements, such as AI, but have a limited idea about how it works and its legion of advantages?
Join us at SCMAP as we showcase the benefits of implementing AI in your business. From case studies to the types of AI solutions, we will offer a walk-through of how AI and cloud technology can streamline your supply chain in this fast-paced world.

Bonus: Mystery gifts and interactive games await you.

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Free consultation: Transform your supply chain with cloud-based intelligence.

Drop by our booth at SCMAP and engage in a conversation with our consultant about your supply chain strategy and challenges.
Bonus: Mystery gifts and fun games are in store for you!

About the Event

With globalization, the supply chain landscape is rapidly changing. Customers demand more. They want authenticity, transparency, sustainability, and swift delivery times.
Disruptions are also rampant. Crises such as pandemics and geopolitical problems affect the movement of trade and supply. How can you lessen the burden of disturbances to your supply chain?
To keep up with the times and to be prepared for unpredictable disturbances to your supply chain, implementing AI and cloud-based technology is the answer. Technology can help make your business processes agile, seamless, and efficient.
Discover how cloud technology has empowered and streamlined businesses like yours. Visit Aratum’s booth at SCMAP, where you can talk to experts who can help you navigate the fast-changing supply chain arena and learn how implementing cloud technology can get you an edge over your competitors.

It takes less than 5 minutes to kickstart your supply chain transformation. Get started today.​

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