Why Join Aratum: Wanna Yanwattana


“You find another family in Aratum,” Wanna Yanwattana, Thailand Presales. Finding a workplace that values your skills and creates a culture of collaboration and growth can be daunting. However, for someone like Wanna, a professional in the field of Sales, Aratum shines as a company of opportunity and innovation. In a recent interview, Wanna shares […]

Why Join Aratum: Ivano Susatio


“It is inspiring to see how Aratum’s solutions empower businesses and individuals to achieve their goals more effectively,” Ivano Susatio said. Ivano is a seasoned professional in the tech field, and he highlights Aratum’s customization prowess that adapts to their client’s requirements, as a primal motivation in his pre-sales role. Innovation and Flexibility “Aratum is […]

Why Join Aratum – Anthony Ison (Tony)


You’ve probably heard that having a purpose is the difference between making a living and making a life. In a candid interview, Anthony Ison (Tony), Country Head of Aratum Philippines, shares how Aratum has impacted his career and personal life. A Challenging Ecosystem Having spent nearly 20 years in the software sales industry, Tony was […]

Why Join Aratum – Erllexsy Anjarwati (Lexsy)

When asked what sets Aratum apart from other companies,  Lexsy says it’s about our mission and vision. Lexsy discovered that Aratum was the answer to the Indonesian market’s manual processes, which sparked her desire to join the company. “I am enthusiastic about Aratum’s system because it would contribute to my country’s digital transformation. Aratum empowers […]

Why Join Aratum – Asawanat Narueratpalangkorn (Poom)

Data is the voice of customers in scale. And Poom, Sales Head of Aratum Thailand, is a firm believer in the power of data.  If you know him in person, you will be amazed by how he doesn’t just collect data; but harnesses its power to drive better decisions and promote innovation across all operations.   […]

Why Join Aratum — Thomas Choy


When we talk about the traits of an outperforming operations manager, a few adjectives come to mind: efficient, down-to-earth, quality-focused — and Thomas is a mix of these. “I am a thinker. I constantly rebel against myself. What if I am on the other side of the argument? What if I have only part of […]

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