Supply Chain Planning

supply chain planning

Supply Chain Planning Supply chain planning is a fundamental step in running supply chain-based businesses. However, proper planning involves implementing cutting-edge and robust technological solutions for seamless industrial operations and processes. With Aratum Solutions, your company can swiftly adapt to dynamic market conditions, improve sales and operations planning (s&op), and maintain a competitive edge in […]

Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) Implementing a smart and advanced management strategy is necessary in the fast-paced world of supply chains. Internet of Things (IoT) devices such as RFID, industrial sensors, trackers, monitors, etc., are the assistants for data analytics, automation, forecasting, and other processes that ensure a streamlined supply chain. Aratum utilizes IoT to bring […]


Cloud-Based Supply Chain Inventory Management

Inventory Management Inventory is like the water level in a river. When the water level lowers, boulders or problems stick out.  Having a good grip on your inventory corresponds to a steady financial flow in your business, and advanced technologies like AI and the cloud give you absolute control over it. Aratum’s Technological Solutions gives […]

Supply Chain and Manufacturing (SCM)

Cloud-based supply chain management

Supply Chain and Manufacturing (SCM) In the current supply chain landscape, businesses should always be apt in delivering products and services based on customer demands despite inevitable disruptions. The clamor for sustainability adds to its complexity. The only way to be efficient in supply chain and manufacturing is to apply advanced technological solutions such as […]

Cost Management and Governance

cloud cost management solutions

Cost Management and Governance Following several global issues such as supply chain disruptions, climate problems, and inflation, we understand your need to control your costs while improving your procurement processes and delivering quality services and products to your customers.  With Aratum’s cloud cost management solutions, your company can adapt to dynamic market conditions, save on […]

Analytics and BI

Analytics and BI

Analytics and BI In the complex world of supply chains, efficient management necessitates cutting-edge and robust technological solutions to advance product offerings and respond to the demands of partners and consumers. With Aratum’s Analytics and BI infrastructure, your company can adapt to dynamic market conditions, improve customer satisfaction, and maintain a competitive edge in the […]


Analytics and BI

Procurement A streamlined procurement process is vital in making supply chains work successfully. In today’s fast-paced landscape, the only way to have proper procurement management is by implementing technology such as AI, cloud-based tech, and IoT (Internet of Things). Aratum leverages the three cutting-edge solutions to make your company resilient and unswayed by uncontrollable procurement […]

Hybrid Cloud

hybrid cloud

Hybrid Cloud As technology advances, processes grow in complexity, amplifying security risks. Thus, maintaining up-to-date IT infrastructure is imperative for companies. Aratum’s Hybrid cloud computing systems offer a resilient and cutting-edge system. The infrastructure safeguards your data and adapts to workloads, paving the way for seamless company growth. Book a Demo Key Features of Analytics […]

AI and Machine Learning

AI and Machine Learning Deploying AI technology and machine learning is now imperative in the complex world of supply chains. Aratum’s world-class AI infrastructure facilitates efficient data processing, advanced analytics, and automation to streamline every business management and process, from warehouse inventory and maintenance to employee safety and fast deliveries. Grow your business to new […]

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