Why Join Aratum – Erllexsy Anjarwati (Lexsy)


When asked what sets Aratum apart from other companies,  Lexsy says it’s about our mission and vision. Lexsy discovered that Aratum was the answer to the Indonesian market’s manual processes, which sparked her desire to join the company.

“I am enthusiastic about Aratum’s system because it would contribute to my country’s digital transformation. Aratum empowers businesses, the government, and, of course, the Indonesian population.”

Aratum is customer-focused. The positive transformation of our clients’ businesses is visible, and they are thankful to us, much like we are to them

Erllexsy Anjarwati, also known as Lexsy, is the Sales Head of Aratum Indonesia.

She loves the challenge that comes with her role in sales. “I want to use my capabilities and fuel new software product development and growth in my country. We have new partners that focus on government and specific accounts, and we’re enthusiastic about it, especially since it creates success for all sides.”

Collaborative Company Culture

Challenges are inevitable, but Lexsy is confident in facing them because she can lean on Aratum’s leaders and colleagues.

Collaboration plays a vital role in the company, within teams and across branches in Thailand, the Philippines, and Hong Kong. “Our collaboration culture in the company ensures that we continually learn from each other. We also see tangible results, such as rapid launch and implementation of our solutions.”

Envisioning a Bright Future for Aratum

“Aratum is a good place to work. It’s a place where employees think out of the box. Because of our collaborative nature and thought leadership, Aratum will become a popular and sought-after company in the near future. I see that we will attract top-notch talent and clients across all generations,” Lexsy says.


About Lexsy

Erllexsy Anjarwati is a seasoned leader in IT and software sales. With a dynamic career that spans more than 17 years, she has exemplified excellence in the technology sales area especially in building presence and expansion in new markets. With a proven track record, she has exceeded sales targets, driven growth, endured client relationships, and mentored many experts in the field.

As Sales Head in Aratum Indonesia, she leverages her wide network of connections to propel Aratum’s innovative solutions, which elevates her beloved country to new heights. She develops and executes powerful sales strategies and cultivates solid relationships with partners and stakeholders. Her charisma and vitality light the path toward efficiency and excellence in supply chains not only in Indonesia but also in the rest of Asia. Before joining Aratum, she was the country head of Syniti.

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