Why Join Aratum – Asawanat Narueratpalangkorn (Poom)


Data is the voice of customers in scale. And Poom, Sales Head of Aratum Thailand, is a firm believer in the power of data. 

If you know him in person, you will be amazed by how he doesn’t just collect data; but harnesses its power to drive better decisions and promote innovation across all operations.  

A Data-Driven Approach

“When it comes to our solutions, we don’t just treat data as numbers and figures, but as a force guiding us and our clients to become efficient and excellent. Being data-driven is not only a strategy; we use the insights to handle the complex supply chain world. And that shows; we see and feel tangible results based on this data-driven company culture,” Poom says.

From the moment I joined Aratum, I was impressed by Aratum’s core values, particularly its emphasis on being data-driven and caring. Aratum prioritizes care–not just for the company and customers but for each other, the environment, and the wider community.

A Perception Shift

Poom also emphasizes the benefits of working with an agile and collaborative workplace environment like Aratum, where employees are not just mere contributors but integral voices in the company’s development.

“I was sat down by our CEO to talk about my short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals, not just in my career but also in my personal life. That made me feel valued and trusted as the Sales Head of Thailand. In Aratum, we can share ideas, initiate projects, and vividly contribute to the company’s and clients’ success,” Poom highlights.

Apart from that, our pre-sales concepts are supported by other teams, such as Marketing and HR. We all benefit from teamwork, not just within your branch but also in other branches,” Poom reiterates.

Poom describes his feelings of happiness and fulfillment of being in the company and building a new era for his beloved country, Thailand. Aratum’s hands-on approach and commitment to clients and communities solidify Poom’s belief that Aratum is not just a workplace but a platform for positive change.

About Poom

Asawanat Narueratpalangkorn Poom is an expert in leadership, team management, and strategic planning in software technology. He has managed multiple IT-related accounts and helped businesses transform their operations digitally in Oracle and Infor. His problem-solving acumen has affirmed his standing as a reputable figure in sales and account management over the past two decades.

Poom’s role as Sales Head in Aratum Thailand is pivotal in marking a new digital era for the country. He showcases the transformative potential of supply chains, opening their doors to enhanced efficiency and productivity. With a result-oriented mindset, he ensures seamless adaptability, cutting-edge innovation, and cross-functional collaboration with the company’s partners and stakeholders.

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