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You’ve probably heard that having a purpose is the difference between making a living and making a life. In a candid interview, Anthony Ison (Tony), Country Head of Aratum Philippines, shares how Aratum has impacted his career and personal life.

The supply chain industry proved to be very crucial in the Philippines, especially during the pandemic, so being in Aratum and pushing cutting-edge solutions in the industry means a lot to me and my country.

A Challenging Ecosystem

Having spent nearly 20 years in the software sales industry, Tony was drawn to the fresh challenges and opportunities presented by Aratum. He emphasized that these challenges became key takeaways that fostered his personal and professional growth.

“I have been in the software industry for two decades, channel-based marketing is in my blood. Joining Aratum entails a lot of growth for me, especially since it’s in the area of the supply chain. The supply chain industry proved to be very crucial in the Philippines, especially during the pandemic, so being in Aratum and pushing cutting-edge solutions in the industry means a lot to me and my country,” Tony says. 

“Another key thing is e-commerce. E-commerce in the Philippines has been huge, and I believe that Aratum can address the e-commerce demands in the country. In fact, we have upcoming projects that are sure to impact the whole country and the Filipino people. All these things are new and tricky, and it keeps my colleagues and I challenged,” he adds.

Living his Purpose

Aratum’s focus on the supply chain and helping make it resilient stood out for Tony. He also wants to take part in an Asian company where perspectives are fresh. The diverse and energetic atmosphere combined with the innovative approach to solving problems makes the company a unique and satisfying workplace for Tony.

“Everything in Aratum excites me–from the open and collaborative nature of the company and, of course, its creative and innovative culture. I want to be a driving force in its expansion,” Tony says.

It is in Aratum where Tony achieves a work-life balance. “In my past company, I worked 12 hours a day, and it’s easy to get burned out. With Aratum, I have time for my personal life–my loved ones and friends. Apart from that, Aratum promotes health, wellness, diversity, and inclusivity, which is quite rare for a lot of companies,” he shares. 

“Here I have a sense of purpose. I have big goals for the company’s exponential growth–more projects, more teams, more success in 2024 and beyond.” 


About Tony

As the Country Head for Aratum in the Philippines, Anthony Ison (Tony) brings a wealth of experience garnered from nearly two decades in the software and hardware industry. Tony’s expertise shines through his previous role as Senior Channel Manager of Oracle Philippines, where he managed cloud businesses and oversaw tasks that ranged from handling specific markets to expanding into diverse territories like Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

Drawn to Aratum’s fresh and innovative approach, Tony’s decision to join the company was fueled by his passion for the dynamic supply chain industry and a desire to contribute to groundbreaking projects and initiatives in his homeland. As he leads Aratum in the Philippines, Tony stands at the forefront of the company’s endeavors, driving growth, fostering innovation, and contributing to the evolution of the supply chain landscape in the region.

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