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When we talk about the traits of an outperforming operations manager, a few adjectives come to mind: efficient, down-to-earth, quality-focused — and Thomas is a mix of these.

“I am a thinker. I constantly rebel against myself. What if I am on the other side of the argument? What if I have only part of the budget? What if the worst scenario happens?” says Thomas Choy, the VP of Operations at Aratum.

Ask questions

As his colleagues consensually agree, Thomas is doubtful about everything: “Why are we following a practice, or even a so-called best practice? What is best in one context may not be best in another.”

While Thomas is a highly critical thinker, he also provides constructive solutions with options. “In the supply chain, planning is essential. Beware of assumptions and preconceptions, cater to different dimensions of a problem, e.g. time, cost, manpower. That is my recipe for successful planning.”

The joy of the task is its own reward

In the fast-paced world of supply chain technology, innovation and efficiency are crucial. Professionals seek companies that not only lead the industry but also provide an environment conducive to personal and career growth.

When asked about why he chose to join Aratum, Choy says the company’s emphasis on cutting-edge technologies, such as IoT and warehouse management, immediately captured his interest. “Aratum’s systems solve real-world problems and positively impact communities. Whenever I see breakthroughs in technology and company advancements, I feel excited. It gives me a lot of satisfaction and fulfillment,” he explains.

Aratum’s collaborative culture also influenced Choy’s decision to become a part of it. Choy appreciates Aratum’s focus on professional development. “Here, we recognize that the supply chain business is dynamic. Investing in the growth of employees is crucial.”

Thomas Choy’s journey with Aratum is a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation, collaboration, professional development, and community impact. As Aratum continues to revolutionize the supply chain technology arena, professionals like Choy are integral contributors to a shared vision of a more sustainable future.

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